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No BS Time Management For Entrepreneurs Book

No BS Time Management For Entrepreneurs Book

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WARNING: This is no ordinary time management book for the deskbound or the person doing just one job. This book is expressively for the wearer of many hats, the inventive, opportunistic entrepreneur who can’t resist piling more and more responsibility onto his own shoulders, who has many more great ideas than time and resources to take advantage of them, who runs (not walks) through each day. This book will drastically re-engineer your entire relationship with time and, if applied faithfully, will help you achieve peak personal productivity AND make lots, and lots, of money.

Serial entrepreneur Dan S. Kennedy dares you to match the multiple, extraordinary demands on your time with extraordinary measures proven to transform your personal and business productivity.

Learn how to:
  • Calculate the COST OF YOUR TIME (and put a meter on those consuming it)
  • SLAY Mr. Have-You-Got-A-Minute, Mr. Meeting? and other needy, selfish TIME VAMPIRES
  • Master the five self-defense, time-defense tactics to stop - productivus interruptus” once and for all
  • Gain personal power by applying THE #1 MOST POWERFUL PERSONAL DISCIPLINE: Punctuality
  • Execute the TEN TIME MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES that you probably know, but don’t know how to employ
  • End phone-tag, reduce return-call burden - deal with in-bounds at your pace, in the priority you assign, as you see fit
  • Handle the Information Avalanche
  • Maximize your time and happiness-fire and replace yourself
  • Buy Time, Literally
  • Memorize, live by, and find success following THE 9 NO B.S. TIME TRUTHS